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Good Vibes Body Art is focused on producing the best tattoo work possible for our clients. Our designs are mainly custom, although we can do flash as well. Our artists pride themselves on being able to confidently fulfill your request in their style.  We wish to respect all artists and their clients and will not simply trace a tattoo off of the internet, but we can use it as inspiration to create your very own design.

We encourage you to view each of our artists portfolio to determine whom you feel will best communicate the style and design you desire. Most of our work is done by appointment, but we also accept walk-ins. We cannot guarantee that we will always have time for a walk-in, but if you are planning to stop by it is best come first thing in the day. We do not book tattoo appointments over the phone, but we can book you a consultation appointment with your preferred artist! All walk-ins are first come, first served. We do not tattoo anyone who is underage, ID is required.

Custom Designs

When planning a custom design, it is best to set an appointment for a consultation with your preferred artist. Bring in (or email it to if it is on your phone) any reference material you may have to help the artist get a better understanding of what you are looking for. At your consultation appointment you will be able to show the artist the area you would like it placed and speak with them about the specific details of the design. From there, you will be asked to place a design fee (to help compensate the artist drawing time) and tattoo deposit (to hold your tattoo appointment).  The tattoo deposit will be debited from the total of your completed tattoo.  Between the time of your initial consultation and the appointment, the artist will draw the design. You will be contacted by the agreed upon design due date to come in to view the design prior to your appointment. This cannot be done via email. There is no fee for the initial consultation, but no drawing will be started without a design fee, no tattoo appointment made without a deposit.  All deposits are non-refundable.

Tattoo Aftercare

After the artist has completed your new tattoo, it is very important to care for it so it will look great. Tattoos generally take about 2 weeks to heal, although it may differ depending on each person’s immune system and the area the tattoo is placed. Here are Good Vibes Body Art’s instructions for healing:

  • Leave the bandage on for 2 hours.

  • When you remove the bandage, ensure that your hands are thoroughly clean. Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo during the healing.

  • Use mild soapy water and wash your new tattoo gently but thoroughly with your fingertips. DO NOT use a washcloth, loofah, or paper towel as this will irritate the skin further. Your tattoo will feel slightly gooey. This is plasma and is completely normal. Wash thoroughly with soap until it no longer feels slimey. Do not place another bandage on your tattoo afterward.

  • Wash your tattoo 2-3 times daily. Do not over wash! You will dry it out and irritate the skin. Thoroughly and gently dry the tattoo and apply a very very thin layer of the vitamin A & D ointment we provided you, do not over use this as it can clog your pores and cause breakout.

  • Once your tattoo starts feeling dry, usually within 3-4 days, with clean hands begin applying a very thin layer of non-scented lotion (Lubriderm or Aveeno are examples). Be careful not to apply too much, nor too often and to gently rub the lotion completely in.

  • Your tattoo will get itchy. DO NOT pick or scratch at it. This can cause scarring which will damage the end look of your tattoo.

  • DO NOT take baths, go swimming, or submerge your new tattoo in any kind of water for at least 2 weeks. Showers are ok.

  • Make sure to avoid pet hair, wear clean clothes and make sure your sheets are freshly cleaned.

  • We are also able to use a long term breathable bandage called DermSheild which is a bandage that you leave on continuously for about 5-7 days and can be submerged in water as well as gives some clients a feeling of extra protection. There is a small charge for this product and is not recommended for those with adhesive sensitivities.


When you make a tattoo appointment at Good Vibes Body Art, we require a cash deposit. This money will be debited from your total cost after the tattoo is finished. If you require multiple sessions, the deposit is held and debited from the total of your last appointment. Deposits are non-refundable even if you change your mind, change the design previously discussed with your artist, do not show up to your appointment or reschedule too close to the appointment date.  Deposits are cash only. Deposits are non-negotiable and a requirement for every client.

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